Accessing Journals in Papers3 via University of Michigan Proxy

May, 2017

Papers3 is a nice way to manage your scientific articles. Although I also recommend the cross-platform open alternative Zotero.

My library institution is University of Michigan and accessing articles off campus requires circumventing the pay-wall via a proxy. I spent the time figuring out how to do this from within Papers via the U-M proxy.

So, to get Papers2 setup for the U-M system,

go to: File -> Preferences

Then select the "Access" menu:

Select University of Michigan from the dropdown menu:

Lastly, and most importantly, you will need to specify U Michigan's proxy in the region:

In the "Library Website URL" box:$@

When you first access an article, you will be promped to enter your U-M login information. You will now be able to access MOST journal services and articles. Note that Web of Science will probably not work, so you will need to locate your journals through other services such as Google Scholar, PubMed, IEEExplore, etc.